Who danced it better?: Requiem for a dream

Requiem for a dream is one of those pieces of music that we always seem to hear more than once in non elite competitions. It really is a beautiful song and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of listening to it but not every gymnast out there has the ability to do justice to it. So let’s take a look at the athletes who have performed their floor routine to it.

He Ning

This is weird remix and it kind of ruins the atmosphere for me but this routine is still fun to watch. Just like most of the gymnasts who competed under the 2006-2008 code of points, He Ning did not have much time to dance between the 10 skills she needed to count towards her D score. However, there are still some nice parts in her choreography and she has good rhythm and fluidity in her movements.

Aisha Gerber

Just like He Ning, Aisha worked under the 2006-2008 code of points and she had to count 10 elements towards her D score. This did not leave her much time for choreography, which is a shame because she is definitely not a bad dancer. I love the way she works with her arms and her elegant poses, but this routine could be much more powerful.

Catalina Ponor

After being used to Cata’s energetic and sassy routines, seeing her choosing Requiem for a Dream as her floor music in the Olympic year was quite a surprise. It was not a bad routine and the low to the floor choreography is great but in my opinion, it didn’t have that special something that draws you in the performance. Ponor herself must have realized that since she got a new routine, much more suited to her style for the Olympic Games.

Alexis Vasquez

This is an other unfortunate choice of music. Alexis was a quiet achiever, a gorgeous clean gymnasts without any flashy skills or performing personality who won our heart with her beautiful execution and flexibility so this song does not suit her. There are obviously some really pretty moments during this routine, but the choreography is rather mediocre and it does not go well with the music. There are changes of tempo, when the music gets more powerful and dramatic, but her dance does not and she does not sell the routine as well as she could. I always thought that a slow, lyrical song would be perfect for Alexis and I hope we will see her working with that at Denver.

Stephanie Bisbikou

Stefanie is an elegant and flexible gymnast, which is always a great quality to have on floor but she isn’t really a crowd pleaser. Her choreography is quite beautiful, especially the gorgeous low to the floor part but she is competing this routine without actually performing it. This really is a shame because her floor would be fantastic if she could just use her eyes and her facial expressions.

Marine Petit

You can always expect something special from France on floor and Marine did not disappoint. I think she could get into the performance more, but she does a good job in this routine. I love the way she uses her arms but she could handle more intricate choreography in my opinion.

Ayelen Tarabini

Ayelen has qualified to multiple world cup finals and she has gotten a couple of medals and lots of attention from international fans with this beautiful routine. She is an other elegant, expressive athlete, who knows how to sell a floor routine. She has outstanding choreography and I absolutely adore the part before her second tumbling pass. Hopefully, she will continue being succesful on this event

Kayla Hoffman

Now this is an athlete who makes the most out of her floor music. Kayla is not afraid to get out there and really perform. She sells the exercise, she makes eye contact with the crowd and she immediately gets everyone’s attention. Her choreography is absolutely lovely and she uses her entire body and the entire floor area during the exercise. Of course, it’s easier to include more dance in an NCAA routine, since you don’t have to count as many skills, but I’m sure Kayla would find a way to be just as artistic even under the elite code of points.

This was the first routine I saw from Catherine and I was immediately in love. She was only 12 years old at that time and yet, she already had a maturity and an elegance in her work that we don’t see from athletes twice her age. Her lines, extension and flexibility are simply stunning, she feels the music and she puts her heart and should into this beautifully choreographed routine. I’m so glad she did not sacrifice her artistry in favor of more difficulty as she grew up and I hope to see her achieving big things as a senior.

Anna Li

This performance from Anna Li is probably the most well known routine performed to this piece of music and it had more impact to the gymnastics world than any of her elite routines had up to this point. This routine is iconic. It doesn’t matter if you follow NCAA gymnastics or not, you have still watched it thousands of times. It’s poetry in motion. The choreography is really outstanding and it could not possible be performed any better. Anna’s movement go perfectly along with the music and you can see so much passion on her face. The drama, the elegance and the expressiveness of this performance captivate me every time and in my opinion, nobody has interpreted this music as well as she has. I really wish more elite routines could be like that.

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