Who danced it better?: Zorba the Greek

I’d by lying if I didn’t admit that as a Greek, I cringe a little bit every time someone uses Zorba the Greek as their floor music. It’s partly because it’s a song that you typically hear at terrible Greek tourist traps and partly because everyone will be confused if they find you listening to it from your laptop. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t adore some of the exercises performed to that piece. Here are some people who have used it in the past.

Gina Gogean

An amazing routine to finish an amazing career! This is Gina Gogean’s swan song and there are certainly plenty of things to love about it. Her tumbling is difficult, powerful and clean, her leaps and jumps are fabulous and her movements go well with the music. However, it’s hard not to admit that in terms of artistry, this program leaves a lot to be desired. The choreography may fit the music but it’s mostly comprised by handwaving and poses. She doesn’t really use her entire body for her dance and she doesn’t have much fluidity throughout her movements. In addition to that, Gina never was a performer and once again, she doesn’t sell her routine to the crowd.

Aluissa Lacusteanu

This is an other version of this song by a Romanian athlete (they seem to love it indeed) The choreography s energetic, playful and entertaining, it suits the music, it shows flexibilty and some nice work low to the floor. I’m not a big fan of the remix of the two songs and I think Aluissa could have been much more expressive. This is a nice routine but I can’t say that anything stood out to me.

Alexis Beucler

I’m not sure if this music makes me want to laugh or cry. I just cannot bring myself to understand how would an actual choreographer hear this song (my apologies to those who are not familiar with Eurovision) and this song and think that they’d make the perfect floor music together. The low to the floor part is clearly inspired by Dong Fanxiao’s routine but it not quite as nicely choreographed. Alexis is trying her best to show personality and she is a good perfomer but in my opinion, the choice of music was really unfortunate and that even the most talented dancer would not possibly be able to pull it off.

Olivia Trautman

Olivia is the most well known athlete who is currently using this floor music and In my opinion her routine has lots of potential. She is not the most graceful athlete in the world, but she is absolutely capable of producing an enjoyable routine. I love the part before her world turn and the choreography at the end, but the rest of the routine is more about poses than actual choreography.

Ashley Postell

Αshley is a beautiful, artistic gymnast with lovely lines and body posture but this is not the best routine we’ve seen from her. Her poses are very elegant, her dance elements are excellent, the tumbling is amazing and I love that round off to her knees before the last pass but there’s not much choreography in this routine. She grew into a gorgeous gymnast and she gave us excellent performances in the future though.

Susan Jackson

I absolutely love this routine. Susan is not afraid to be different and unique and from start to finish, her routine is full of original moves. My neck hurts just by watching her back headspring, but it’s such an exciting element and it always gets a well deserved reaction from the crowd. The rest of the routine is very energetic and entertaining and even though I wish she was a bit more expressive, I absolutely enjoyed it

Dina Kochetkova

Dina may not be the most lively performer but she definitely is an artist. Her lines, her extension, her flexibility and toe point are simply stunning. There are so many great moments during this routine and I absolutely love the ending. I love how she is able to produce an elegant and yet playful performance.

Dong Fanxiao

This is one of the most famous routines performed to this music and it’s absolutely brilliant. It is very nicely choreographed and I particularly love the low to the floor part before her second pass. She works very well with her music, she hits every single note and she shows some attitude and personality. In addition to that, her double arabian and her triple full are sky high. I really wish we could have more routines like that from team China.

Raluca Haidu

Every single person who watched “the Secret of Deva” had a soft spot for Raluca, and her adorable floor routine only made people love her even more. I chose one of her performances from her junior days because she seemed much more willing to sell her routine to the crowd back then and she lost some of her sparkle as she grew. This is a typical Romanian choreography. It’s energetic, it’s bouncy, it’s fun and it finishes with a cutesy ending pose. Raluca’s stunning toe point and cute smile make it even more enjoyable to watch. Ι’ can’t say tha this is the best interpretation of Zorba the Greek, but it certainly is my favorite.

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