Who danced it better?

Sandra Izbasa vs Eythora Thorsdottir: Taniec Eleny

If we are being objective, this is not the most beautifully choreographed routine the world has ever seen. When you have to count 10 skills towards your difficulty score you don’t have much time to dance and it feels like there’s not enough choreography in most of the routines performed under the 2006 – 2008 code. However, this exercise never fails to make me smile. The music is beautiful and it always gets the crowd behind the athlete competing and Sandra really did her best to land all her tumbling passes and to entertain tha audience that day and she was awarded with a gold medal (Romania’s only individual medal) for it. The routines she performed later during her career are probably better in terms of artistry and choreography but this one will always be my favorite.

I constantly think about all the gorgeous routines we’ll never find out about because the athletes performing them don’t have enough difficulty to get international attention. We are missing out on so many fantastic dancers and I am glad that Eythora managed to make a name for herself and we got tot to discover programs like this one. It’s crazy to think how young she was when she produced that performance. At the age of 11, she had more poise and elegance than athletes twice her age could even dream of. Her choreography is beautiful and all her dance training has clearly paid of. You can understand that you’re about to witness something magical even from the way she enters the floor and her body posture, her lines and her toe point are stunning. Sandra’s routine will always be a sentimental favorite but we all have to admit that Eythora’s is much more interesting and artistic.

Bailie Key vs Jessica Lopez vs Marine Brevet: Crystallize

I was delighted when I first saw this routine from Key. During her first years as a junior, it was always clear that Bailie was absolutely capable of producing enjoyable artistic floor routines but she always chose the most annoying pieces as her music so Crystallize was a very pleasant change. I’m not saying that this is the most artistic routine the world has ever seen – it doesn’t even come close to that. However, the choreography is pretty, the poses are elegant and Bailie did a great job performing it. I adore the part before her third tumbling pass and the ending is simply stunning.

Jessica is one of my favorite athletes currently competing and I have always loved her on floor. This routine is among the best she has had during her long career. The choreography is lovely and it shows her beautiful lines and fabulous flexibility. She works well with her music, she is expressive, she is elegant and graceful. There’s nothing not to love about this performance.

In my opinion, Marine is one of the most artistic gymnasts in the world right now and she never disappoints on floor. Her lines, toe point and leaps are stunning and this routine is simply gorgeous. She feels the music, she hits every single note and I love the way she uses her arms and her head. She moves with incredible fluidity and she shows how the “corner rule” is supposed to be used. I adore the part after her leap series and the ending of this routine.

Irina Baraskanova vs Ivana Hong vs Latalia Bevan vs Rachel Gowey: My sweet and tender beast

It’s so weird to think that Great Britain has always been criticised for their lack of artistry when their junior field includes athletes like Catherine Lyons, Georgia – Mae Fenton, Amelia Montague and of course, Latalia Bevan. Latalia really has great potential when it comes to artistry and I love her lines and her toe point. She is very graceful, she always works on her toes and she has beautiful classical style and choreography. I think she could have worked better with the music and that this routine could have been much more dramatic and powerful at some points but it’s still beautiful to watch. I’m very excited to see more performances like that from her.

Rachel didn’t have the chance to perform many floor routines during her elite career so far, but when she took the floor she was gorgeous. She is an other graceful athlete, with beautiful lines and flexibility and her routine is highlighting that. I believe she could have handled a bit more complicated choreography but there’s no doubt she is lovely to watch. I adore the part between her two middle tumbling passes.

I am definitely not a fan of WOGA’s choreography during that quad but I absolutely adored this routine. Ivana is the living proof that you don’t need to have the body type of Nastia Liukin or Viktoria Komova in order to be one of the most artistic athletes of your team. She’s freaking gorgeous. Her toe point, her lines, her precision, it’s stunning. I wish there were less poses and more actual choreography during this routine but the part after her second pass is so beautiful and the back walkover into her ending pose is all I ever needed in life. Tim and Elfie’s complaining is the only thing I don’t love about this routine.

This is one of the routines that I could watch over and over again. In my opinion it’s one of the most beautiful routines we have ever witnessed. It’s magical, it’s mesmerizing, it’s a masterpiece and Irina is an artist. She goes out there, she feels the music, she tells a story with her movements and she just draws you into a different world. This is what gymnastics is all about and nobody will ever manage to interpret this song better than she did.

Svetlana Khorkina vs Madison Kocian vs Elvire Teza: Pistolero

As I already said, I wasn’t a fan of WOGA’s choreography, but Baumann’s and Kocian’s recent routines are starting to change my mind. Madison’s ankles don’t often allow her to perform on floor, but when she does it’s pretty darn good. I was very impressed with her first two tumbling passes here and the choreography is absolutely fabulous. She is an elegant gymnast and you can see the fire in her eyes during the performance. I love how well she works with the music and I adore her low to the floor choreography.

Khorkina was at her peak during 2000 and it’s not even remotely surprising to see that this is the most famous routine performed to Pistolero. It is nicely choreographed, all the movements go perfectly with the music and it’s showing off her gorgeous long lines, her elegance and her flexibility. However, Khorkina’s reputation as one of the most artistic gymnasts ever didn’t have much to do with those qualities. It’s not about the choreography, the music or the flexibility, it’s about her. It’s about how she performs the routine, how she makes eye contact with the audience and with the judges and how she enters the floor and she just dares you not to watch. This is what makes this routine and every other routine she has ever performed so special.

I’m a terrible Khorkina fan for not chosing her interpretation of this song as the best one we’ve seen but when you watch Elvire Teza’s performance you’ll understand. Elvire was God’s gift to gymnastics, she was a special, unique, innovative, fearless gymnast and I consider her one of the most artistic and stylish athletes this world has ever seen. This routine has it all. It’s elegant, it’s fierce, it’s dramatic and at the same time it’s entertaining and playful. The choreography is gorgeous, she has some unique moves and she’s not afraid to show off to the crowd and to show attitude and personality. She has ridiculous flexibility and great artistry and musicality. From start to finish, this routine is original and captivating and you just can’t take your eyes off her.

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