Osijek 2015: routines to watch

Tunde Csillag, floor

Tunde is one of the most powerful tumblers in the Hungarian team and she did a great job to win a silver medal after her most famous teammate, Dorina Boczogo had a disappointing performance. She starts her routine with an impressive (and slightly uncontrolled) double layout and she continues with a strong full in and a sky high double pike. There are some very interesting moments during her choreography and she definitely was enjoyable to watch.

Paula Mejias, vault and floor

What a great weekend for this girl! After letting her nerves get to her during most major competitions this year, Paula finally showed us what she’s capable of. In the past, she has had major problems on vault, but this time, she managed to land both her vaults on her feet and win a gold medal, after Panamerican champion Marcia Videaux had mistakes. Her double twisting tsukahara was a bit short but her tucked rudi was clean and powerful. Then, she secured a second gold medal on floor after showing strong tumbling. Her 2.5 + front full opening combination was beautifully controlled and executed, her double arabian was sky high and her whip into a double tuck was excellent. Hopefully, she will leave all the struggles behind her and continue to perform like that.

Marcia Videux, floor

Every time Cuba took the competition floor during the quad so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised and this routine is no exception. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Marcia’s routine on this event before so I had just assumed that tumbling must not be her strength. And yet, here she is, performing a whip into a triple twist, a full in, a sky high gogean and a 2.5 + front tuck combination. She obviously needs to work with her landings, but it was great to see her earning a medal here after struggling on vault and bars.

Isabella Amado, beam

Isabella is doing her best to put Panama into the gymnastics map with routines like that. She is capable of some difficult elements, like a front tuck, a sheep jump, and of course, a back handspring + back handspring + layout flight series and she executes them all quite well. Besides one wobble during her opening combination she was very solid and she showed good flexibility on her leaps before dismounting with an impressive double pike. She earned a bronze medal for her effort and it was definitely well deserved.

Tjasa Kysselef, floor

This was one of the easiest routines we saw during the final and her simple tumbling passes can’t be compared with the double layouts and the full ins we saw from others but she just won me over with her artistry and presentation. At the age of 22, Tjasa is now a veteran in the sport and she knows how to sell a routine. She has sassy, dynamic choreography and she’s not afraid to go out there and perform it to the crowd. Throughout her exercise, she shows confidence, attitude and flexibility and her leaps are absolutely beautiful.

Jade Barbosa, beam

I have loved Jade since the first years of her career so it’s absolutely great to see her sticking with the sport for so long and performing routines like that at the age of 24. She actually looks stronger than she has in a long time. It’s always refreshing to see someone doing a risky mount, and her layout step out into the beam was as fabulous as ever. Her layout is straight and high, her front tuck is powerful, her leaps all hit 180 degrees and besides one wobble, this routine was extremely solid and well executed. Brazil struggles quite a bit on this event so she will definitely be extremely valuable to the team here.

Dorina Boczogo, beam

Talking about exciting mounts, Dorina’s one hand handstand will never fail to amaze me and I love how the crowd always reacts to it. She is an elegant athlete with beautiful lines and she shows great back flexibility during her switch ring and her sheep jump. All her aerials are very well performed and she finishes with a high and clean double tuck dismount. It’s clear that she had been working very hard this year and hopefully, she will get rewarded for it at worlds. You should also check out her fabulous upgraded floor routine, which includes a brand new double layout, as well as a piked full in and a double front.

Ruby Harrold, uneven bars

After missing the biggest part of the season due to injuries, Ruby is finally back in a time that Great Britain really needs her. She has regained her full difficulty and she still competes the Maloney + bhardwaj and van leeuwen + zuchold combinations that made her famous. This wasn’t her best performance but she still has one of the most original and exciting routines for the world. It’s clear that she’s not 100% back yet. Some of her handstands were a bit short, her form was messier than usual and she took a big step on the dismount but she is definitely on the right road and she has about a month to work on her execution.

Thauany Araujo, uneven bars

Thauany is definitely making a case for herself for Brazil’s worlds team. They could definitely use a bars and beam specialist and she’s doing her best to prove that she’s suitable for that role. Her bars routine is far from perfect and she has to clean up her execution but she has a good level of difficulty compared to her teammates and she performs difficult elements like a Maloney + bail combination, a high gienger, a tkatcev and a beautiful double front dismount. Hopefully, she will continue to hit on this event and she will improve her consistency on balance beam, where she had a fall during the finals.

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