2015 Romanian nationals: AA finals recap

As expected, Olympian and world medalist Larisa Iordache won the All Around title with a comfortable lead over the silver medalist. She started on her best event, the balance beam, where she delivered on of the best routines of her career. She usually takes a step after her tucked full in and she wobbles a bit after her double turn but this time, she stuck both elements without the slightest hesitation. She also nailed her round of + layout combination and her switch leap + switch half and only had a small hop after her triple full dismount. The flexed feet and the minor form errors were still there, but there is no doubt that Iordache is among the world’s best on this event and hopefully, she will be able to prove that at worlds. She continued with an explosive floor routine, which included a piked and a tucked full in, a triple twist and a gomez. She also added a new memmel + illusion turn combination. It was rather messy, but it’s still one of my favorite connections and it was the first time she was competing it so hopefully it will get better. I absolutely love her new music and she does a great job selling her routine, I just wish there was a bit more choreography. I expect her to bring the silivas back for worlds. Then, her double twisting yurchenko on vault was as powerful as ever and she got great height and distance. She finished with a fabulous uneven bars routine, which included a church to pak combination, a van leeuwen and a toe on full into a stuck full in dismount. It’s absolutely great to see how far she has come on this event and Romania desperately needs routines like that for their line up. Larisa was not perfect during the first day of competition, but she went out there and showed that despite the ankle problems she’s been having, she still is one of the absolute best gymnasts in the world and she will be heading to Glasgow as one of the strongest contenders for the All Around podium.

18-years-old Αna Maria Ocolisan, achieved one of the biggest accomplishments of her career so far by winning a well deserved silver medal at this competition. She started with a strong floor routine, hitting her triple twist and her 2.5 + front tuck combination and she continued with one of the best double twisting yurchenkos of the day. She really performs that vault as well as she possibly could and maybe, it’s time for her to start working on adding an extra half twist. She posted a solid 13,850 on the uneven bars, which is a score that Romania could definitely use and she had no trouble on beam, where she scored a respectable 14.350. With her dynamic DTY and her solid bars set, Ana is going to get a ticket for Glasgow and participate in the second world championships of her career.

On the bronze medal position, we had 2012 Olympian and European champion Diana Bulimar, who was one of the most pleasant surprises of the competition. Diana has been very unlucky and she has had three knee injuries during this quad. She had her last surgery only months ago so lots of people thought she wouldn’t be able to recover in time to fight for a spot in the worlds team. Until a while ago, it was not certain whether or not she was even training on all four event and at the recent Romania vs France meet, she wasn’t ready to even compete floor on a hard surface. Because of that, I absolutely shocked to see how well she looked on every event. Her knee was heavily taped but that didn’t prevent her from nailing every skill of her balance beam routine, including her back handspring + layout, her front aerial and her sky high double pike dismount done in combination. She was equally impressive on floor, where she had no problem with difficult tumbling passes, like the double layout and her piked full in. If her knee wasn’t taped I would have never guessed that she was coming back from an injury. She showed tremendous progress on bars, where she added a brand new hindorff. Her handstands were solid, her flight elements were high and her swing seemed less labored than before. She only dismounted with a double tuck but I’m sure she will have her full in back for worlds. Her vault was a clean full twisting yurchenko.

World and European Games team member, Silvia Zarzu, finished in fourth place after a solid competition. She started with a powerful floor routine, which included her 1.5 + triple full combination, 2.5 twists + front tuck and two double backs.The thing I love the most about her routine are her stunning leaps. Her knees were bent during her double twisting yurchenko, but she landed it without any problems for a solid 14.7. She showed good fight on the uneven bars, hitting her routine without any major problems. The gienger, the bail to handstand and the full in dismount are the only high level skills she’s capable of and she will never be good at this event but she stayed on the apparatus and that’s all one could possibly ask from her. Her beam routine was also impressive. Her front tuck was the most exciting mount we saw during the competition, her front aerial + switch leap was beautifully performed and her splits were gorgeous. She had a couple of wobbles and a big step after her 2.5 dismount but she had a great day overall.

On the fifth place, we have the beautiful Olivia Cimpian, who will turn senior in 2001. Despite her young age, Olivia posted some very impressive scores but unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of her routines during the broadcast. Her full twisting yurchenko was as high as it could possibly be and I’m sure she will be competing doubles very soon and she posted one of the highest execution scores of the day for her uneven bars routine. Unfortunately, she must have struggled on beam. She had the second highest start value of the competition on this event and she’s capable of fantastic skills like a tucked full but her execution score was only a 7.5 so it’s fair to assume that she had a fall. However, she got her redemption on floor, where she tied Diana Bulimar for the third highest score of the day.

First year senior Laura Jurca was only 0.05 behind her young teammate. She started strong on her two best events. On floor she’s capable of impressive tumbling passes like a piked full in and a triple twist and she landed them all on her feet and on vault she had no problem with her double twisting yurhcenko. Unsurprisingly, things weren’t as good for her on her weakest event, the uneven bars. She hit her routine but her flight elements lacked amplitude and her form was far from perfect, so she only scored a 13,450. Then she had a disappointing fall on one of the simplest elements of her balance beam routine: a back tuck. That really was a shame because she had hit her difficult layout, her switch leap + switch half combination while her double tuck dismount was absolutely beautiful.

Bars and beam specialist Andreea Iridon is definitely proving that she is a strong contender for the worlds team. She started her competition on bars, where she hit her gienger, her ricna and her full in dismount to post a 13,750 and then, she hit a lovely beam routine for a 14,650. We only saw half of her routine, but her 1.5 Y turn and her low to beam choreography was as beautiful as always. She also performed two back handsprings into a back pike but she only dismounted with a double twist.

You can find full results here

One thought on “2015 Romanian nationals: AA finals recap

  1. I am so glad that Larisa is doing very well after having a good part of 2015 off.. she will no doubt give the 2nd US AAer some serious challenge. I don’t think Aliya has any chance of challenging Larisa this year… she can certain win beam if she stays on and Biles makes any mistake.


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