Who danced it better?

Catalina Ponor vs Aly Raisman


I remember when this video started getting around the gymternet in 2012 and how everyone was absolutely shocked to see such a performance from the athlete whose Olympic gold medal was considered the end of the sport of gymnastics from some of the most dramatic fans. This really is a fabulous routine, with sassy, entertaining choreography that goes well with the music and Aly is definitely showing some attitude. It’s needless to say that Aly has come a long way since then and that, with three worlds and three Olympic medals, she has achieved more than some athletes can even dream of. However, in terms of choreography and artistry, this is the most enjoyable routine she has ever produced. If only she could find that fire again.

It has been 11 years since I saw Catalina performing this routine live at the 2004 Olympics and I still remember the amazing energy in the arena like it was yesterday. From the moment she entered the floor she just had the entire crowd behind her and she did not disappoint. To me, the most impressive thing is how the rather mediocre and slightly awkward performer we saw in 2003 turned into this explosive super star in just one year. Catalina went out there at the Olympic Games and she owned the show. She showed elegance, fierceness and personality and she secured two Olympic gold medals with this routine.

Anastasia Grishina vs Olivia Cimpian

“Goodbye again”

Remember this magical day when Grishina debuted this routine and actually posted a higher score than Alexandra Raisman on floor? It certainly was quite a moment, that indicated how bright her future could be. She is just so freaking beautiful. Every single movement she makes is full of grace, she feels the music and she works with it beautifully, she is incredibly elegant and this handstand pirouette is to die for. This is the kind of routines that made me fall in love with Russian gymnastics, and no matter how bad she messed up during the Olympics, I will always love Nastya for the beauty she brought to the sport.

Talking about beauty, Olivia’s talent was obvious from the very first routine we got to watch from her and it is absolutely great to see that she has upgraded her difficulty while also maintaining her fantastic artistry. She’s just magical to watch. She has the lines, the elegance and the flexibility one would expect from a former rhythmic gymnast and her choreographers have done a great job putting this routine together. I love how she always works on her toes and how she seems to be one with the music, I love her double stag jump, her low to the floor work and the scale before the dismount. In fact, there’s not a single moment I don’t love about this routine. And yet, when I watch her perform to this music, Grishina’s choreography always comes to my mind. This is why, for me Nastya wins this one.

Victoria Moors vs Isabela Onyshko vs Mailie O’ Keefe


Mailie O Keefe is definitely a junior to watch for team USA and she shows good potential on floor. This is not the kind of routine that you watch over and over again but it certainly is an enjoyable performance. Mailie is an elegant athlete, with beautiful lines and her choreography goes very well with the music. I absolutely love her low to the floor part and the ending of her program and even though I wish she was a bit more expressive I’m very excited to see what she can do in the future.

Isabela Onysko is not a perfect gymnast, but she has a unique personal style that makes her stand out in a time where lots of routines look really similar. She and Victoria Moors used this floor music at 2014 and it’s very unusual to see two athletes from the same country to have the same floor music at the same time. However, Victoria’s and Isabela’s interpretation were so different from each other and yet so beautiful that I never had a problem with it. She is incredibly flexible and she shows that off during the choreography and she knows how to sell a routine. Just look at her face and her eyes! She makes eye contact with the audience the whole time, she is expressive, she smiles and she’s absolutely captivating to watch.

In my opinion, Victoria Moors is one of the most artistic gymnasts of her generation. When lots of people say that you need to have Nastia Liukin’s body type in order to be a graceful and elegant athlete, Tori goes out there and produces masterpieces like this one. She combines artistry and power in a way that very few people in the world do and she’s absolutely gorgeous to watch. Her choreography is both graceful and dynamic and I adore the low to the floor part. She works with her music beautifully, and she sells her routine to the crowd. In my opinion, she has interpreted this piece better than anyone else and I wish she was still around, performing routines like that.

Yelena Piskun vs Flavia Saraiva vs Lilia Podkopayeva 


Lilia had this choreography for about ten seconds before switching to the famous routine that won her two Olympic gold medals. I don’t think anyone can even compete against her in terms of dance technique. Ηer body posture, her releves, her leaps and jumps are better than any other gymnast’s who has competed in the sport. However, it’s hard to deny that this is not her best routine. There isn’t really tons of choreography and she is not as expressive as she was in other competitions. She still is absolutely gorgeous to watch because she’s Lilia, but she has definitely produced better performances during her career

This is an absolutely delightful routine by an absolutely great gymnast! I just love the style that was developed on floor during the 90s and this routine is a great example of that. Her ballet background is obvious in all of her work, her dance elements are absolutely superb and very nicely incorporated into her choreography and every single movement is makes is perfectly synchronized with the music. This is such a playful and entertaining floor performance and the only complaint I have is that this is a routine made for smiles and she didn’t quite sell it to the crowd as well as she could have.

This is one of those routines that can always brighten your day a little bit. Flavia has the grace, elegance and the toe point of Podkopayeva and the fun and playful choreography of Piskun. But she also has a smile than can light up the entire arena and this makes her routine much more special than the other two. She really is a ray of sunshine, a star in the making and I only want good things for her.

Amy Tinkler vs Eythora Thorsdottir vs Amelia Hundley


I absolutely love this routine from Amy Tinkler. I’m not saying it is a masterpiece. In fact, I think the choreography could have been much better at some places. However, it’s hard not to enjoy this performance when Amy is doing just a great job at selling it to the crowd. She’s smiling the whole time and it really looks like she’s having a blast out there. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, it’s energetic and I absolutely love the ending. In my opinion, this is the most artistic routine of Great Britain’s senior team.

From the very first year of Amelia’s elite career, it was clear that this girl was a crowd pleaser. As a junior, she didn’t really have beautiful choreography or tons of elegance but she had a big smile and that made up for that.Then, she got actually nicely choreographed routines like this one and she became one of my favorite athletes to watch on floor. I love how she’s not afraid to show off to the crowd and how much energy she brings to the arena. She hasn’t been very lucky during her elite career, since she has had to deal with plenty of injuries but she has the potential to be a super star at college and I can’t wait to see her competing there.

In my opinion, Eythora is the most artistic athlete in the world right now and no matter how great they are, Amelia’s and Amy’s routine can’t compare to hers. Both Amelia and Amy have the energy and the smiles, the great personality and Eythora has that too. She is always smiling, always making eye contact with the crowd, always showing that she loves being out there. But she also has the dance background the two other athletes lack. She’s incredibly elegant, incredibly flexible and incredibly fluid in her movements. She enters the floor and just from her ending pose you know you’re about to witness something special. It looks like she’s getting a new floor routine for worlds and I seriously can’t wait to see it

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