Glasgow 2015: Upgrades list

This is a list of new elements that we had not seen before the worlds podium training. It will be updated as we get more videos and updates.

  1. Gabby Douglas (USA) showed amanars at training but even the one she stood up did not look safe so she was wise enough to stick with the double twist during podium training. She has also added a split jump out of her double pike and a wolf jump out of her tucked full in It wasn’t exactly pretty though
  2. Madison Kocian (USA) added an inbar full in the beginning of her bars routine and she connects it with a Komova. She did not hit the combination every time during training but if she does it she will have an impressive 6.7 start value that will make her a contender for a bars medal. She also upgraded her double tuck beam dismount to a double pike for an extra 0.1 but she took out her standing arabian
  3. Maggie Nichols (USA) added a full twist to her double layout on bars, improving her start value by 0.1
  4. Alexandra Raisman (USA) has added a split jump out of her double layout and a straddle jump out of her side aerial on beam
  5. MyKayla Skinner (USA) now connects her tucked full in with a back tuck which gives her 0.2. It’s not the quickest connection out there, but it’s definitely not slower than Ferrari’s or Ponor’s who have gotten credit for it in the past. She also brought back her amanar, which she hadn’t competed since she was a junior but she did not compete her Moors or her 2.5 twists during podium training.
  6. Vanessa Ferrari (Italy) showed a yurchenko 1.5 on vault. She has performed this vault (and a DTY) in the past but she only did a yurchenko full at the Novara Cup and it was uncertain whether or not she was planning to upgrade
  7. Kelly Simm (Great Britain) added a second release to her bars routine. The camera angle is not ideal but it looks like a ricna. She has performed this skill in the past but never in this routine.
  8. Rune Hermans (Belgium) performed a tucked full in as her first tumbling pass
  9. Oksana Chusovitina (Uzbekistan) showed a Produnova (this is a sentence I would never thought I’d write)
  10. Wang Yan (China) connected her switch ring and her sheep jump for 2 extra tenths but she downgraded her front pike into a front tuck
  11. Larisa Iordache (Romania) performed a triple turn + double turn combination. In the past she has shown a Gomez so maybe she’s planning to connect that to a double turn
  12. Dipa Karmakar (India) has upgraded her second vault into a double twisting tsukahara and is a medal threat on this event.
  13. Daniele Hypolito (Brazil) added a second layout to her back handpsring – layout flight series so her start value is now 0.2 higher. She also connected her double pike dismount to a whip on floor for an extra 0.1
  14. Leticia Costa (Brazil) started her routine with a powerful Dos Santos (F) instead of the double layout she usually performs.
  15. Kiara Munteanu (Australia) performs a layout + double front combination
  16. Mary-Anne Monckton (Australia) showed a fabulous shushunova on bars and I believe she’s the only person currently doing that skill
  17. Georgia Rose Brown (Australia) connected a stalder pak salto (!) with her maloney
  18. Ellie Downie (Great Britain) does a pak salto out of her piked tkatcev and she performs a van leeuwen. She probably did those elements at the friendly meet but we never got a video of that.
  19. Alaina Kwan (Belarus) has added a second lay out step out to her back handspring + layout step out flight series
  20. Tori-Ann Wiliams (Jamaica) showed a tucked full in as her second pass and a double front beam dismount
  21. Brittany Rogers, (Canada) who is making her comeback in elite gymnastics, showed a double pike in combination on beam and a stalder full + downie and a ricna + pak on bars
  22. Maddie Leydin (Australia) upgraded her vault to a yurchenko 1.5
  23. Mai Murakami (Japan) competed a maloney + gienger combination on bars
  24. Emma Larson (Sweden) showed a beautiful double layout on floor
  25. Lorrane Oliveira (Brazil) has added a ring on beam
  26. Maria Kharenkova (Russia) performed an 1.5 twists + 2.5 twists combination on floor exercise.
  27. Louise Vanhille (France) has added a gomez into her floor routine

Updates on gymnasts whose routines were questionable

  1. Hong Un Jong (North Korea) whom we haven’t seen competing for a long time, is still capable of landing her amanar and her cheng very well
  2. Viktoria Komova (Russia) is connecting her pak with her van leeuwen but from what I’ve seen so far, she didn’t do the double double dismount in podium training.
  3. Claudia Fragapane, (Great Britain) who had a leg injury that prevented her from competing AA at the friendly meet, has her full difficulty on floor and vault.
  4. Jade Barbosa (Brazil) whom we have not seen on floor for a while, is capable of a Double layout, a piked full in, a 1.5 + front full and a double pike. She also has her DTY back
  5. Julie Crocket (Belgium) who recently had an ankle injury only competed bars and beam during qualifications.
  6. Amy Tinkler (Great Britain) did her silivas on floor but it looks like she’s not planning to bring back her full twisting double layout
  7. Mao Yi (China) performed her double twisting yurchenko. Some of her attempts were worse than others, but it looks decent enough
  8. For the time being, it looks like Ksenia Afanasyeva (Russia), who was suffering from a kidney infection, is still planning to compete.

(photo credit: John Cheng/USA gymnastics)

2 thoughts on “Glasgow 2015: Upgrades list

    1. She now does a silivas (H), a full in (E) + back tuck (A) (0.2 bonus), 1.5 (C) + double full (C) (no bonus), double tuck (D), gogean (D) and two C leaps. I think it’s a 6.0 and her gogean is definitely questionable. If it gets downgraded, she’ll have 0.1 less.


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