Who danced it better: Malaguena

Melodie Pulgarin

This routine is an other victim of the 2006-2008 code of points, that did not really encourage artistry. I don’t think that Melodie is the best dancer out there (even though she’s a powerful tumbler) but I certainly believe that she could have had a much better routine if she actually had time to dance. I absolutely love her 1.5 twists into a front handspring though.

Kirsten Peterman

This is a nice routine from Kirsten, who was part of Canada’s 2014 worlds team. It’s not the most magical performance the world has ever seen but it’s enjoyable to watch. She shows good rhythm and elegance poses. I particularly love the first half of the routine, where her movements are very crisp and go perfectly well with her music while the ending is absolutely lovely.

Ioana Petrovschi

This is a very Romanian routine, with strong tumbling, fast music and great energy. Ioana shows great power, personality and flexibility throughout the performance and I adore the low to the floor choreography at the end.

Joana Juarez

Joana is a gymnast who combines elegance and power. She can do a powerful double layout, and she can also show beautiful lines and flexibility during her routine. I do think she could handle more complicated choreography, but I definitely enjoyed her performance.

Tyesha Mattis

Tyesha is not the most graceful gymnast out there but she found a routine that worked for her and I absolutely love that. Instead for coming up with a few poses to go between her difficult tumbling passes, her choreographer, actually took the time to create an interesting routine, full of original movements. I absolutely love her work before the third pass and she works well with her music. This is not my favorite routine but it certainly is the best choreography Tyesha has had during her career, and I hope to see her doing something similar to this next year.

Laura Jurca

I remember seeing a few negative comments about this choreography when Laura debuted it but I personally find it fun to watch. I prefer the ridiculously cute routines she had last year and I do miss her smile, but she probably wanted a more mature music as a senior. There’s definitely some room for improvement, but there’s lots of choreography in this routine, she works well with her music and she performs to the crowd. I love how the chalk almost looks like some special effect when she claps her hands.

Elise Ray

A beautiful performance from Elise Ray, who was the absolute star of USA Gymnastics during 2000. I wish there was a bit more choreography and expression during this routine, but I definitely enjoyed it. I live for her second tumbling pass right into this stunning low to the floor choreography and her ending.

Cindy Vandenhole

I love Belgium on floor and this routine shows why. Their choreography is not what we would consider classical or conventionally pretty, but it’s always interesting. This really is an excellent interpretation of this song. There’s plenty of dance during this routine and Cindy does an excellent job working with her music. When the music gets faster, Cindy’s movements get faster, when it gets slower, her movements get slower. Her choreography is unique and exciting and she has excellent rhythm and musicality.

Abby Paulson

I was very impressed with this routine when I first saw it. I never considered Abby a particularly artistic gymnast. She always had pretty lines and excellent flexibility and she always had some lovely low to the floor work but I always felt that as a whole, her routines were lacking this special something because she didn’t really work that well with her music and she wasn’t particularly expressive. However, this was one of the best choreographed routines of the championships. She hits every single note, she connects with the music, she makes eye contact with the audience and she still shows off her fabulous flexibility.

Roza Galieva

This is not Roza’s most well known routine but it definitely deserves some attention. I have always loved her style on floor and her performance here shows why. She is elegant, she’s dynamic and she’s not afraid to perform. All her moves are quick and precise and you can see the fire in her eyes. Her choreography at the end is absolutely fabulous too.

Dominique Dawes

When you watch routines like this one, it’s not hard to understand why Dominique got the nickname “Awesome Dawesome”. This is one of the performances that helped her dominate the 1994 national championships, where she won every gold medal of the competition and it makes us realize why she was the best gymnast in USA back then. I get exhausted by just watching this. She never stops moving! Her dance is very energetic and her tumbling is simply unreal. I adore her sky high jumps and all the handstands and walkovers during this routine.

Tatiana Lysenko

Lysenko was a fabulous gymnast who was always capable of producing fabulous routines and this is no exception. She shows confidence and elegance during this performance, she makes eye contact with the judges and she has some lovely choreography. I live for the Y turn into the back walkover, her double stag jump and her middle tumbling pass. She is one of my favorite gymnasts of all time, so I’m not really objective here, but this is my favorite interpretation of this song.

A bit thank you to fuck-yeah-oleg-verniaiev, papaliukin and satan-loves-gymn for helping me find those routines

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