Who danced it better? El Tango De Roxanne

1. Greta Nevedomska

I feel like “El Tango de Roxanne” is the kind of song that can never be a wrong choice. It’s so beautiful and so dramatic that it’s enough to make me enjoy a performance even though it is not that beautifully choreographed. I think this is the case for Greta’s routine. Besides the part before her last tumbling pass, this exercise does not really have any great moments and she definitely needs to get a bit more into it, but a routine to this song will never be completely indifferent to me

2. Luca Diveky

This routine is similar to the previous one. The choreography is really not something special and Luca could have done a better job at performing it but everything looks more elegant with Roxanne playing in the backround. I did love the part after her third tumbling pass though.

3. Imogen Cairns

Imogen does not quite show the confidence and the attitude we’ve seen from other gymnasts interpreting this piece, but this is probably understandable, considering how young she was at that point. I definitely think she became a much better performer as she grew up and I much prefer the routines she showed later during her career, but her choreography here is very nice and she works well with her music. However, the highlight of the routine has to be that fabulous stuck double arabian in the beginning.

4. Violetta Malikova

This is a nice routine, even though there are times when you can barely hear the music over the massive amount of “davai” from the audience and her teammates. The truth is that Violetta does not have tons of choreography, but her low to the floor work is pretty, her arm waving is graceful and the end of her routine is lovely. Her turns also deserve special mention. The opening 2.5 Y turn is gorgeous and her double L looks effortless.

5. Paschalina Mitrakou

I usually hate remixes of famous songs but I quite liked this one. Paschalina really has gorgeous lines and flexibility and I love how she works on her toes during this routine but I wish she was more expressive and eager to sell her routine to the crowd.

6. Yevheniya Cherniy

Oh Ukraine… This routine does not have the most complicated choreography in the world but it’s definitely stylish and enjoyable to watch. Her toe point is stunning and I love her sharp movements in the beginning and the way she drops on her floor before her third tumbling pass.

7. Angelina Kysla

I was delighted to see Angelina hitting this routine back in 2013, especially after how much she had struggled during training. Her choreography is mostly comprised by elegant poses and graceful hand waving but she still makes it look pretty. The highlight of her performance certainly is her cartwheel into this beautiful low to the floor choreography and her lovely ending pose.

8. Vaida Zitineviciute

Vaida is an elegant gymnast, with lovely lines. She hits those notes, she performs a semenova turn and she puts up a lovely performance, finishing with a beautiful ending pose. She even made her fall on her first tumbling pass look like it was choreographed.

9. Corrie Lothrop

This is such a weird remix and I wasn’t sure if I should include it to the list, since less than half of her floor music is actually El Tango de Roxanne, but this routine is definitely both artistic and interesting. Most gymnasts who have performed to this song chose to go for a dramatic expression, so it’s surprising to see her smiling but I definitely love her energy and choreography. It’s needless to say, that NCAA routines tend to have a different style than most elite routines and Corrie had much more times to dance that an elite gymnast, working under the elite code of points would.

10. Allana Slater

Allana wrote history for Australian gymnastics several time, and she always did that with incredible poise and style. This routine is fierce. She put up a very elegant and dramatic performance, she worked well with her music, all her movements were crisp and precise and she was expressive, making eye contact with the crowd. I just wish it didn’t take her so long to set for some of her dance elements.

11. Pauline Morel

When a French gymnast takes the floor, you just know you’re not going to be disappointed. Pauline is an elegant athlete, with beautiful lines, extension and flexibility and she makes sure to show that during her routine. She works well with her music, she uses her eyes just as much as she uses her body and she has lovely rhythm and musicality. I love how she covered up any uncontrolled landing with an elegant pose and her ending pose is absolutely lovely. I think she could have handled more complicated choreography, but this certainly is a beautiful routine.

12. Zsofia Kovacs

Zsofia Kovacs, who finished 5th All Around at this year’s EYOF really is the future of Hungarian gymnastics. She has a great balance of power and elegance and she can dance as well as she can tumble. This is a beautiful routine, with plenty of choreography and she does a great job at performing it. She connects with her music, she has great rhythm and fluidity in her movements and she shows lovely lines and flexibility. I particularly love the part after her second tumbling pass and I’m very excited to see what she can do in the future. I wish she was a bit more expressive, but hopefully, this will come as she grows.

13. Andreea Munteanu

Remember when Andreea Munteanu actually showed some great potential on floor? When she had powerful tumbling and actual choreography? This routine caught my attention when Andreea debuted it because it was quite different to what we usually see from Romania. She didn’t use fast music and bouncy, energetic, cute choreography like most of her teammates were doing at this point. She chose a dramatic piece and interpreted it quite well, showing elegance and flexibility. Her movements go very well with the music, her low to the floor choreography is stunning and her leaps are to die for. This performance shows that Andreea had the potential to grow up into a very artistic gymnast. This is why her following routines, that barely had any choreography were so disappointing.

14. Krista Japser

What a fantastic routine! Krista is an elegant gymnast, who does a great job at selling her routine to the crowd and she shows attitude and personality throughout her choreography. I love the way she uses her head an her arms, I love her beautiful leaps and jumps and her choreography before her third pass. The low to the floor part at the end of the exercise is absolutely fabulous and it’s great to see her having so many unique movements in her exercise.

15. Polina Shchennikova

This was the first routine I ever saw from Polina and I’ve been in love with her gymnastics ever since. You can tell that this is going to be special just from her opening pose and she does not disappoint. She’s just gorgeous. Her lines, her toe point and her extension are to die for and she shows elegance and maturity beyond her years. She hits every single note, she shows off her stunning flexibility and she makes eye contact with the audience before finishing with a beautiful ending pose. Polina never was a great tumbler, but I absolutely adore her floor and it really is a shame that her injuries have prevented her from competing on this event as a senior. Hopefully, she will be healthy enough to return on floor at NCAA, where she won’t have to worry about performing the most difficult tumbling passes and she’ll have plenty of time to show us her dance.

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