In the mind of Vasiliki Millousi met Vasiliki Millousi, who shared some of her thoughts, just a couple of months after the world championships of Glasgow. Here’s a translation of what she says in their video.

My name is Vasiliki Millousi, I am an artistic gymnast with international medals and two appearances in the Olympic Games. I’ve been doing gymnastics for 25 years. I started by getting into a gym to play, this is what it seemed like in the beginning. And eventually, this game became hard work, and the hard work became a goal. As a child, I remember myself going to the gym full of joy to meet my friends, so we could play with our own way, on the gymnastics apparatus. What I love about our sport, is the daily fight against your self to become better every day. I train for six hours every day. My training is comprised by two work outs, with a break between them and it includes warm up, conditioning and training on all four events. After each work out, I feel exhausted but it’s the most beautiful kind of exhaustion, the exhaustion that comes as a result of effort. Elite sports take sacrifice and dedication and there’s a big internal battle to avoid temptations such as food and fun. I felt the biggest satisfaction of my career at the London Olympic Games, when I entered the arena. I had already fulfilled my goal to return to the Olympic Games 12 years after my first participation in Sydney. Before each competition I feel the excitement of anticipation, because this is the time to show how hard I have worked for that. After each successful moment, it feels like you’re flying and every hardship, every failure is automatically deleted and you continue with more strength. In Rio, I expect to see the Vasiliki I see in practice. This is what will bring me success.

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