Who danced it better? Por Una Cabeza

Yuko Shintake

Yuko is a beautiful, elegant gymnast, with lovely lines, extension and toe point but she doesn’t really get the chance to show it during her routine. This is unsurprising, since she’s working under a code that doesn’t leave her much time for dance, but it’s hard not to admit that her routine is lacking compared to others, who have used the same song. However, I still love her high shushunova and her bright smile after she knows she did a great job.

Nicole Webb

This is a lovely routine from Nichole, who is currently competing as a Level 10. She really is trying to sell her routine and to show personality, she is elegant and graceful, she works well with her music and she shows beautiful flexibility. I absolutely love her opening choreography and her ending pose and her toe point is to die for.

Martha Verra

Τhis is another lovely interpenetration of this song. Martha is an elegant gymnast with beautiful lines and she shows it off during this routine. I absolutely adore her opening and her low to the floor choreography and I live for the double stag, which is perfectly synchronized with the music.

Giada Grisetti

I couldn’t find a better video of this routine, but I promise the performance makes up for the low quality. Giada really is an artist in the making. The first half of the routine is very enjoyable to watch without being something special. Her opening choreography is lovely, she works well with her music, she shows beautiful movements and elegant poses between her tumbling passes and her leaps. And then, the last part is absolutely stunning. Every single movement she makes is crisp, dynamic and perfectly synchronized with the music, she shows incredible poise and flexibility and I love how she dramatically drops into the floor for her beautiful ending pose. I absolutely adore this routine and I’m very excited to see this girl competing as a senior this year.

Aliya Mustafina

This is not Aliya’s most well known routine, but it’s certainly beautiful to watch. As always, I wish her choreography was a little more complicated, but I think this music really suits her and that this routine could certainly be very popular among gymnastics fans, if she had kept it for a little longer. I love her elegance, the way she works with the music, the fluidity in her movements and the fact that her triple twist is watchable.

Lv Jiaqi

What a beauty! Despite her young age, Jiaqi shows incredible maturity and elegance through her dance. Her choreography is absolutely lovely and she executes it beautifully, hitting every single note. I love who she lands that double pike perfectly in time with her music and how she smiles and makes eye contact with the audience. She certainly is a charismatic gymnast and I hope we haven’t seen the last of her.

Sui Lu

This is certainly the most famous routine performed to this song, and in my opinion it’s also the best one. I do wish Sui was a bit more expressive, but it’s hard not to love this performance. All her movements are graceful and dynamic, her choreography is beautiful and she works very well with her music. This really was an iconic performance for her and I think it suited her style and personality much better than the routine she got in 2012.

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gif credit: huanghuidan

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